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Circuit Break

a MacroFab Podcast

Parker and Stephen explore topics in engineering each week.

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Chonky motherboards

Chonky Motherboards

Parker discusses his latest project. An electronic device to ensure his pet cat does not become a chonker. A lawd its processing!

Moses parting sea traces

Moses Parting the Sea of Traces

Parker and Stephen discuss using PCB materials for enclosures, distance sensing, and EDA tool updates.

Hungry hungry op amps

Hungry Hungry Op Amps

Parker and Stephen just talk about Projects... Just Projects for 30 minutes.

Make electrons flow right

Make Electrons Flow Right?

Stephen finishes his Synth and jams some tunes!

Greek tragedy adcs

The Greek Tragedy of ADCs

Battery less Cellphones, Raspberry Pi Compute Modules, ENOBs, and a 100W USB Type C eval board!

Reverse biasing opamps

Reverse Biasing Opamps

Parker learns Python and OpenCV and Stephen gets silly with transformers.

Fire sticks

Fire Sticks

Parker talks about his serialized RGB LED modules for pinball and Stephen's Synth under goes surgery.

Wrong variants

Wrong Variants

Stephen gets his Synth's envelope working and Parker starts looking into Class D Amplifiers.

Bits flying

Bits Flying In

Stephen learns that MIDI tutorials that are online only cover the basics and Parker has haunting vias.

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