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Parker and Stephen explore topics in engineering each week.

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Real engineering for a real engineer

Real Engineering for a Real Engineer

A decade after graduating college, Stephen finally did a differential equation for his job! That is some real engineering I tell you what.

Beating the heat

Beating the Heat

The PinoTaur has reached production status but not without supply chain issues..OF COURSE! Bonus discussion about thermal management for PCBA.

Illuminati moment

Illuminati Moment

Is there a statue of limitations on open source hardware projects? This week, Stephen and Parker dive into what open source means for both of them.

Electronic wear items

Electronic Wear Items

Chip and component shortages continue! This week's episode covers Ford and GM automotive supply chain problems and EMMC wear chips for Tesla cars.

Ridiculous relay ratings

Ridiculous Relay Ratings

On this episode, Parker sifts through marketing gimmicks for component ratings and Stephen discusses dual rail power supply designs.

Kicking troglodytes off the stage

Kicking Troglodytes Off The Stage

PCB serial numbering? Parker and Stephen cover their thoughts on applying a unique identifier to PCBs in production for inventory and testing control.

How soft are your diodes

How Soft Are Your Diodes?

Parker's pinball controller has gone gold! Revision 3 is being fabricated! Stephen then explores the softness factor of diodes and the SSPS returns?

Virtual earth mixers

Virtual Earth Mixers

Datasheets are usually an engineer's friend. However, Stephen finds that his rotary switch's datasheets do not match the physical device.

A bad user experience

A Bad User Experience

How do you remove flux and what to watch out for when you are cleaning your PCB assemblies? Parker and Stephen go in depth on this episode of the MEP.

Beating dragons with quarters

Beating Dragons with Quarters

Parker's pinball platform, PinoTaur Revision 2, goes into testing and Stephen continues his journey to simulate the known analog universe.

The analog state of amazon brand names

The Analog State of Amazon Brand Names

Stephen learns to read erased IC part numbers, buys an Amazon Resistor Kits, and discusses Analog Comparators while Parker unbends tubing to bend it.

Disgusting surge

Disgusting Surge

Lets bring in the new 2020 year with a MacroFab platform update for PCB Specifications and Hellhound preamps! Thanks to all our listeners and guests!

Not into the meat loaf

Not Into The Meat Loaf

Where do your electrical components manufactured? Parker explores the mysteries of Country Of Origins for components and Stephen Ti Webenches a SMPS.

Digital razorblades

Digital Razorblades

It has been a couple weeks since a Parker and Stephen episode but they didn't get any electronic projects done! Somehow 1 hour of audio still exists.

Mach 3 cheeseburgers

Mach 3 Cheeseburgers

Mach 3 Cheeseburgers, Simulations for the PinoTaur mosfet drivers, and more on this episode of the MacroFab Podcast.

Sidecreeping gyrations

Sidecreeping Gyrations

Parker explains the DOOM SAO and Stephen implements a Gyrator for the MacroAmp!

Start getting crusty

Start Getting Crusty

I/O expanders verse cheap shift registers, leaking electronics, and better datasheets.

Is im an engineer a valid defense

Is “I’m an Engineer” a Valid Defense?

Parker takes a look at some potential high temperature smart LEDs and Stephen rebuilds an amplifier.

Ben heck and the pinotaur

Ben Heck and the PinoTaur

Benjamin Heckendorn rejoins the podcast to discuss Pinball Hardware and Text Adventure Games.

Space engineers vs caffeinated chipmunks

Space Engineers VS Caffeinated Chipmunks

Parker and Stephen talk about fixing Motorcycles, new podcast gear, and fatbergs.

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