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Parker and Stephen explore topics in engineering each week.

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The name will arrive

The Name Will Arrive

The quest for the right connector for a project! The right of passage for any hardware electrical engineer starts with a connector catalog.

Connector catalogs

Connector Catalogs

This is the last installment of Stephen's 'Adventures in Injection Molding'. We are going to recap the entire two year sage and close the book on it.

Avrdude all the way down

AVRDUDE All The Way Down

The Jeep Prop Fan project rides again! Well some iteration of it at least. Lets design an open source PCM (Power Control Module) for automotive apps!

Illuminati moment

Illuminati Moment

Is there a statue of limitations on open source hardware projects? This week, Stephen and Parker dive into what open source means for both of them.

Avoid the extremes

Avoid The Extremes

Controlling PCB costs of your next product is all about avoiding the extremes of the manufacturing specifications. Don't let your EDA tool fool you!

Color clashing chip consolidation

Color Clashing Chip Consolidation

What is the worst thing about the Analog Devices and Linear Technologies merger? The incompatible color schemes of course.

We are all idiots together on this planet

We Are All Idiots Together On This Planet

What is your EDA Tool workflow? Where do you start with a new design? When is it O.K. to rely on another part footprint? Are JEDEC standards fine?

The normal chaos

The Normal Chaos

Stephen adventures into thermal testing of oscillators and analog circuits while Parker gets greasy with timing chains on the Wagon.

Blinky is 90 of your project

Blinky is 90% of Your Project

Is Molex or JST the new Xerox for Electrical Engineers? Stephen explores this while trying to find that elusive JST style battery connector.

Virtual earth mixers

Virtual Earth Mixers

Datasheets are usually an engineer's friend. However, Stephen finds that his rotary switch's datasheets do not match the physical device.

So you want to eat electrons

So You Want To Eat Electrons?

Stephen's non analog projects starts! He is designing a Fermentation Controller for brewing. There is also a proposed Community project!

Start getting crusty

Start Getting Crusty

I/O expanders verse cheap shift registers, leaking electronics, and better datasheets.

Golden integrated circuit

The Golden Integrated Circuit

Parker finds his lithium charger IC and Stephen works on the 2nd longest running project on the MEP!

Big mattress is coming for you

Big Mattress is Coming For You

Come celebrate the third anniversary of the MEP as Parker and Stephen discuss a potential video game.

Are you ready to tango

Are you ready to Tango?

Stephen looks to resurrect the ribbon microphone project and of course Parker scope creeps it.

Void copper donuts

Void Copper Donuts

Parker wraps up his Wagon Chime Module and looks at USB Power Switches and Stephen covers his EQ build.

Breaking bad taps

Breaking Bad Taps

Stephen and Parker discuss removing broken taps and what to do about old forgotten projects.

Classy nascar badgelife

Classy NASCAR Badgelife

Stephen creates a new blog and starts documenting his projects and Parker pitches a SDR based car radio.

Hamster chirps

The Hamster That Chirps

Parker opens the Wagon's chime module and Stephen finishes his uTracer project!

Tales electrical engineer ideas mechanical design

Tales From an Electrical Engineer - Ideas on Mechanical Design

Parker modifies car parts and assembles the Thermal Detonator and Stephen starts working with STM32 microcontrollers.

Trebuchet vs opamps

Trebuchet VS Opamps

Stephen and Parker reminisce about building trebuchets and break down the A/C control module electrical schematic.

Git darwin wagon

Git on the Darwin Wagon

Parker discusses his MEP SAO and finding unobtainium connectors for the Jeep while Stephen looks for version control.

Space engineering

Space Engineering

Stephen picks an enclosure for the uTracer project and Parker gets a new Jeep Grand Wagoneer.

Expect bored mr bond

I Expect You To be Bored Mr. Bond

Arduino power usage, IoT Toilet paper, and the aftermath of the Science Museum project.

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