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Circuit Break

a MacroFab Podcast

Parker and Stephen explore topics in engineering each week.

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Glue penny

Glue A Penny On It

Parker and Stephen talk about the kind of solder they like, fluxes, and AliOS.

Hole cruise control

Through Hole on Cruise Control

Stephen gives his thoughts on high volume through hole soldering.

Randomly determined

Randomly Determined

Parker butt splices his Jeep's wiring harness and Stephen brews some prison wine.

Tldr life

TLDR; Life

Stephen finishes his project and Parker starts hacking his Jeep's wiring harness.

Dueling opamp inputs

Dueling OpAmp Inputs

Stephen makes a peristaltic pump and Parker hacks his Jeeps turn signals for LEDs!

Gotta look pro

Gotta Look Pro

It is National Engineers Week and Stephen spills the beans on his Audio Amplifier Past.

Stay hydrated gaming

Stay Hydrated While Gaming

On this Episode, Stephen and Parker talk about Capacitor Part Markings and some tough semiconductors.

No flex allowed

No Flex Allowed

On this Episode, Stephen and Parker talk about binned LEDs and what to look out for with mounting holes on PCBs.

Missing audio

Missing Audio

This episode suffered from a recording glitch so only half the audio exists. Sorry :(

Zero sum resistor arrays

Zero Sum Resistor Arrays

On this episode, Stephen and Parker continue on the Jeep Bluetooth mod and ask about zero ohm resistors.

Drive by dna destruction

Drive By DNA Destruction

On this episode, Parker and Stephen talk about nuclear batteries and FCC/CE pre-compliance experiences.

Jeep radio hacking side synth

Jeep Radio Hacking with a Side of Synth

On this episode, Parker and Stephen talk about Parker's Jeep radio and Stephen has an update to the Brewing Rig.

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