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Parker and Stephen explore topics in engineering each week.

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Dont worry about it

Don’t Worry About It

Right to Repair is going global and Stephen might have solved his injection molded component's void by tweaking the mold design.

A couple months ago

A Couple Months Ago…

Meta data for electronic components? Stephen talks about categorizing components to make it easier to get to that part that you really need.

We are all idiots together on this planet

We Are All Idiots Together On This Planet

What is your EDA Tool workflow? Where do you start with a new design? When is it O.K. to rely on another part footprint? Are JEDEC standards fine?

Get cute this weekend

Get Cute This Weekend

The Brewery LIVES! Parker turns on his electric brewery for the first time! Tips and tricks about homebrewing on this episode of the MacroFab Podcast!

Clipping and clamping opamps

Clipping and Clamping OpAmps

Are rules of thumb obsolete? Validate your thumbs on this episode of the MacroFab Engineering Podcast while Parker discusses progress on the brewery!

Virtual earth mixers

Virtual Earth Mixers

Datasheets are usually an engineer's friend. However, Stephen finds that his rotary switch's datasheets do not match the physical device.

Like old cheese

Like Old Cheese

What separates good documentation from bad and which kind of application notes do you like? Also, Ancient Chinese Semiconductor 7-segment drivers!

Just another meatloaf title

Just Another Meatloaf Title

Why are all Python PDF creator modules just terrible to work with? Does anyone have one they like? Help me. Oh and Stephen's CNC machine is moving!

A bad user experience

A Bad User Experience

How do you remove flux and what to watch out for when you are cleaning your PCB assemblies? Parker and Stephen go in depth on this episode of the MEP.

The analog state of amazon brand names

The Analog State of Amazon Brand Names

Stephen learns to read erased IC part numbers, buys an Amazon Resistor Kits, and discusses Analog Comparators while Parker unbends tubing to bend it.

Not into the meat loaf

Not Into The Meat Loaf

Where do your electrical components manufactured? Parker explores the mysteries of Country Of Origins for components and Stephen Ti Webenches a SMPS.

The wheels are finally off

The Wheels Are Finally Off

How easy is it to make a retro gaming console? Stephen breaks down his design and build criteria that involves no custom PCBs.

Orthogonal for mutual conductance

Orthogonal for Mutual Conductance

Stephen melts his brewery's SSR, Parker fixes his PCM5122 DAC, and Adventures in Autorouting.

Dueling opamp inputs

Dueling OpAmp Inputs

Stephen makes a peristaltic pump and Parker hacks his Jeeps turn signals for LEDs!

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