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Circuit Break

a MacroFab Podcast

Parker and Stephen explore topics in engineering each week.

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CB FI 431

Timing Tariff Modulations

We delve into the fascinating world of time modulation, discussing recent advancements in capacitor technology.

CB FI 407

Holy Static Hazard Batman!

Parker and Stephen discuss a recent article exploring how electrostatic discharge damage isn’t the only kind of static hazard digital designs can face.

Captured pads

Captured Pads

Parker & Stephen dive into Circuit Break Discourse, LT3073 regulator, Weldestroyer updates, Box Truk progress, and more!

Duke nukem raspberry pi 5 weldestroyer

Duke Nukem v. Parker, Raspberry Pi 5, Weldestroyer!

Parker’s charity work, in which he plays video games like Duke Nukem. Plus, deep dive into the Raspberry Pi 5 and Stephen updates about Weldestroyer 3000.

The social media nightmare

The Social Media Nightmare

This week's topics are: Porsche's Synthetic Gasoline, Record Chip Manufacturing Sales for the year 2022, and the Raspberry_Pi Social Media Firestorm.

Kicking troglodytes off the stage

Kicking Troglodytes Off The Stage

PCB serial numbering? Parker and Stephen cover their thoughts on applying a unique identifier to PCBs in production for inventory and testing control.

Loopholes or equivalent

Loopholes or Equivalent

Is this the coolest* electrical engineering podcast ever? Parker and Stephen think so. Synth Repair, floating IC pins, and wiring harness drawings.

Artisan sudo toasters

Artisan Sudo Toasters

Stephen debarks into the cold void that is linux. Will he survive the frozen sudo tundra? Adventures in Rapsberry Pis and Wiring Hardness designs!

The wheels are finally off

The Wheels Are Finally Off

How easy is it to make a retro gaming console? Stephen breaks down his design and build criteria that involves no custom PCBs.

Breaking bad taps

Breaking Bad Taps

Stephen and Parker discuss removing broken taps and what to do about old forgotten projects.

Vector simulations for samsung capacitors

Vector Simulations for Samsung Capacitors

Parker makes small progress on the SDR Wagon Project and Stephen officially launches his new blog

Classy nascar badgelife

Classy NASCAR Badgelife

Stephen creates a new blog and starts documenting his projects and Parker pitches a SDR based car radio.

Battlestar gallactic grounds

Battlestar Gallactic Grounds

Parker tries out the new Eagle 9 and Stephen fixes Jerry's Amp and talks about PCB ground configurations.

Community dice

Community Dice

Parker talks about his latest engineering article and the Raspberry Pi CM PCB, and Stephen brings up geometry!

Greek tragedy adcs

The Greek Tragedy of ADCs

Battery less Cellphones, Raspberry Pi Compute Modules, ENOBs, and a 100W USB Type C eval board!

Wrong variants

Wrong Variants

Stephen gets his Synth's envelope working and Parker starts looking into Class D Amplifiers.

Bits flying

Bits Flying In

Stephen learns that MIDI tutorials that are online only cover the basics and Parker has haunting vias.

Yo ho ho technological bottle rum

Yo Ho Ho and a Technological Bottle of Rum

Parker and Stephen talk about the RPI3 CM project and Stephen throws down a design challenge!

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