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Parker and Stephen explore topics in engineering each week.

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CB FI 432

Remote Ownership

Tariffs hike hits electronics! Hear Parker analyze cost impact & debate chip kill switch ethics with Stephen. Plus, Parker's Python invoice hack!

Zero to hero python

From Zero to Hero in Python

Python software language, more and more electrical engineering jobs are requiring this as a skill set but is it just snake oil?

Signal switching for maximum offness

Signal Switching for Maximum Offness

Hail to the signal switcher! On this episode, Parker wraps up his prep work for the Extra-Life Charity stream and Stephen discusses switching signals.

Estimating effort

Estimating Effort

Why is estimating a projects completion time feel like it takes more work then the actual project? Estimating Project Time, the quest of management.

Necrobiotic synthesizers

Necrobiotic Synthesizers

Our Spider-sense is tingling... OH that is actually a man-made zombie spider crawling up my leg. Who thought that would be a good idea? WHO!?!

MEP FI 319

Work to Automate the Work

On this episode, Parker discusses his current adventure in testing and qualifying ratcheting wrenches and Stephen finally learns the magic of python!

Let the robots do it

Let The Robots Do It

Is grinding out math problems just busy work? Is the current state of Math class curriculum hampering the real life deployment of engineering skills?

Real engineering for a real engineer

Real Engineering for a Real Engineer

A decade after graduating college, Stephen finally did a differential equation for his job! That is some real engineering I tell you what.

You adapt you overcome you put in a pull request

You Adapt. You Overcome. You Put in a Pull Request.

A custom, open source, DIY multimeter? Parker and Stephen go down the rabbit hole of putting down design requirements and what open source means.

When print just works

When Print(); Just Works

The print function of a programming language. Used by engineers everywhere as a universal debugging tool. Is there a better way maybe... but nah.

Frictionless spherical cow transformers

Frictionless Spherical Cow Transformers

Need to find a transformer for your product design? Stephen goes through the process of getting a custom transformer manufactured for a new product!

Id buy that for five dollars

I’d Buy That For Five Dollars

Stephen solves his VFD EMC problem and surfaces the spill board on the CNC machine. Parker starts working on Zebra Printers and learning ZPL and JS.

Just another meatloaf title

Just Another Meatloaf Title

Why are all Python PDF creator modules just terrible to work with? Does anyone have one they like? Help me. Oh and Stephen's CNC machine is moving!

Vector simulations for samsung capacitors

Vector Simulations for Samsung Capacitors

Parker makes small progress on the SDR Wagon Project and Stephen officially launches his new blog

Reverse biasing opamps

Reverse Biasing Opamps

Parker learns Python and OpenCV and Stephen gets silly with transformers.

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