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Parker and Stephen explore topics in engineering each week.

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Ridiculous relay ratings

Ridiculous Relay Ratings

On this episode, Parker sifts through marketing gimmicks for component ratings and Stephen discusses dual rail power supply designs.

Kicking troglodytes off the stage

Kicking Troglodytes Off The Stage

PCB serial numbering? Parker and Stephen cover their thoughts on applying a unique identifier to PCBs in production for inventory and testing control.

Anti fitbits

Anti Fitbits

On this Episode, Parker and Stephen talk about silkscreen markings on diodes and tracking beer drinking.

No flex allowed

No Flex Allowed

On this Episode, Stephen and Parker talk about binned LEDs and what to look out for with mounting holes on PCBs.

Fx development board landed

The FX Development Board has landed!

On this Episode, Stephen launches the FX Development Board and Parker finally settles on conference room names!

Jeep radio hacking side synth

Jeep Radio Hacking with a Side of Synth

On this episode, Parker and Stephen talk about Parker's Jeep radio and Stephen has an update to the Brewing Rig.

Houston maker faire 2016

Houston Maker Faire 2016

On this episode, Parker and Stephen talk about the Houston Maker Faire and the FX Dev Board.

Update macroduino fx dev board

Update on the MacroDuino and FX DEV Board

On this episode, Stephen gives an update on the FX Dev board and Parker talks about his MacroDuino project.

Dissolving energon cubes

Dissolving Energon Cubes

Stephen and Parker chat about updates to the SSPS and FX Dev board.

Ridiculously blinking led

Ridiculously Blinking LED

Stephen is now almost done with the FX Development Board's final layout and enclosure design.

Discrepant diodes

Discrepant Diodes

Stephen makes progress on the FX Dev Board and Parker keeps working on the Stupid Simple Power Supply.

Bits that dont quit

Bits That Don’t Quit

Stephen and Parker discuss how the digital and analog side of the SSPS will work and interface with each other.

Tilting tubes

Tilting Tubes

Stephen builds a 16bit A/D D/A board with a MAX5217BGUA+ and MAX11100EUB+.

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