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Parker and Stephen explore topics in engineering each week.

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Recyclable pcbs eol design cold cuts

Recyclable PCBs, EOL Design, Cold Cuts

Infineon’s use of recyclable PCBs to create a soluboard. An examination of the new Arduino Uno, Minima and Wifi, plus a CNC and saw blade update.

Mislabeled levels hell

Mislabeled Levels of Hell

We kick off this week with a timely discussion of whether you can cook food on the engine of your car; how hot would your exhaust pipes even need to be?

Simplest smt component

The Simplest SMT Component… In The World

Stephen’s CNC steps closer to being completed! Parker receives a newsletter that has the simplest SMT component in the world.

Laser cutting tolerancing

Laser Cutting Tolerancing

They may be known for being electrical engineers but on this episode, Parker and Stephen dig into the more mechanical aspects of their current projects

Current conscience comparator

Current Conscience Comparator

How low can the power consumption of the Cat Feeder Unreminder go? Parker and Stephen discuss leakage current on this episode of the podcast!

Dont let ai brew your beer

Don’t Let AI Brew Your Beer

Parker and Stephen discuss Chat GPT-3, a language processing AI system, and what it can mean for engineers and society.

Cnc crafting

CNC Crafting

Stephen starts his new CNC build and discusses machining ATP-5 aluminum tool plate! Parker recaps the charity stream and discusses what comes next.

Calibrating cncs with pcb rulers

Calibrating CNCs with PCB Rulers

Stephen has successfully resurrected his CNC machine. How good could a chain drive driven, wood based CNC actually be? Tune in to find out!

Solar freaking cat feeders

Solar Freaking Cat Feeders

Parker's Cat Feeder Unreminder now has a parts list! Listen as Parker explains his electrical component choices and Stephen discusses CNC upgrades.

Get cute this weekend

Get Cute This Weekend

The Brewery LIVES! Parker turns on his electric brewery for the first time! Tips and tricks about homebrewing on this episode of the MacroFab Podcast!

Blinky is 90 of your project

Blinky is 90% of Your Project

Is Molex or JST the new Xerox for Electrical Engineers? Stephen explores this while trying to find that elusive JST style battery connector.

Virtual earth mixers

Virtual Earth Mixers

Datasheets are usually an engineer's friend. However, Stephen finds that his rotary switch's datasheets do not match the physical device.

Id buy that for five dollars

I’d Buy That For Five Dollars

Stephen solves his VFD EMC problem and surfaces the spill board on the CNC machine. Parker starts working on Zebra Printers and learning ZPL and JS.

Just another meatloaf title

Just Another Meatloaf Title

Why are all Python PDF creator modules just terrible to work with? Does anyone have one they like? Help me. Oh and Stephen's CNC machine is moving!

It is probably safe

It is Probably Safe

Stephen's rebuild of the CNC is getting close to being completed but first he needs to modify his gantry carriage for the new water cooled spindle!

My cnc will melt in your mouth

My CNC Will Melt In Your Mouth

Learning Autodesk Fusion, Braze it 420, and Stephen's CNC machine rise from its disassembled grave on this weeks episode of the podcast.

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