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Updated electronics part sourcing

Updated Electronics Part-Sourcing

As a result of the new ordering system, placing an order is now simpler, as all the necessary information can be provided to MacroFab in a logical order.

MacroFab, Inc.

Unlocking Value with MacroFab's Price Match Promo

This is more than a promotional offer; it assures you are getting the best value for your money without having to sacrifice quality.

Overview pcba manufacturing processes technologies

Overview of PCBA Manufacturing Processes and Technologies

We’ll provide you with an introduction to each step and explain its significance in the larger PCB manufacturing and assembly process.

PC laptop screen

EMS 2.0 Digital Electronics Manufacturing Transformation

If you’re a supply chain professional, engineer or business owner this webinar will show you how you can access an agile digital platform that brings the

MF logoslogan wide hi res

2018 Review: MacroFab Platform Sees Record Growth

MacroFab experienced a record-breaking year in 2018, marked by aggressive growth in bookings and revenue.

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MacroFab Names Misha Govshteyn as CEO

MacroFab, a Houston-based electronics manufacturer is excited to announce that board member, Misha Govshteyn has moved into a new role as Chief Executive O


Best of 2018: MacroFab Edition

With 2018 coming to a close, lets take a look back and pull some highlights what MacroFab has done this year.

PCB Options Custom PCB Thickness Featured Image

PCB Options: Custom PCB Board Thickness

MacroFab's Manufacturing Platform Enables Custom PCB Board Thickness. Read our short blog on how to create custom board thicknesses.

Macro Fab Roundup 900x400 1

MacroRoundup for Week 14 of 2018

MacroFab Roundup #18 features articles on FUZE Bluetooth, ceramic capacitors, choosing bypass capacitors, as well as MF platform updates and event info.

Whats on the board

What’s on the Board?



Making Services for Maker Communities

We are on the cusp of a new world of electronics development, where no longer are large markets and huge financial investments prerequisites to ideas

About MacroFab

MacroFab offers comprehensive manufacturing solutions, from your smallest prototyping orders to your largest production needs. Our factory network locations are strategically located across North America, ensuring that we have the flexibility to provide capacity when and where you need it most.

Experience the future of EMS manufacturing with our state-of-the-art technology platform and cutting-edge digital supply chain solutions. At MacroFab, we ensure that your electronics are produced faster, more efficiently, and with fewer logistic problems than ever before.

Take advantage of AI-enabled sourcing opportunities and employ expert teams who are connected through a user-friendly technology platform. Discover how streamlined electronics manufacturing can benefit your business by contacting us today.