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Top 10 Electronics Podcasts You Should Listen To

This curated list of top electronics podcasts is tailored for those trying to keep up with the rapidly evolving tech world.

Macrofab certifications blog

MacroFab's Certifications Benefit PCBA Production

Your PCBA production must be secure and reliable for your products to compete in the market. We have listed our certifications and how they benefit you.

Smt assembly vs through hole

SMT Assembly vs. Through-Hole: What to Know

This guide is here to help you understand the difference between SMT and THT, so you can choose the best method for your next project.

Future of electronics moving away silicon microchips

The Future of Electronics is Moving Away from Silicon Chips

With technological advances and changing market trends, there has been a growing movement towards silicon carbide (SiC) and system-on-a-chip (SoC) designs.

Use rigid flex pcb assembly

Why Should You Use Rigid-Flex PCB Assembly?

Rigid-flex PCBs use both rigid and flexible substrates, enabling the electronic engineer to connect multiple layers of flexible and printed subcircuits.

Pcba signal integrity problems hero

PCBA Signal Integrity Problems: Ten Factors to Consider

It is difficult to protect each key signal from all noise intrusions, but this must be done to design an effective PCB assembly.

Castellations featured

Castellations: How to Use Them in PCBA Design

We will review what castellations are, why they get used, and several design considerations for castellated edges.

Document your pcba process featured

How to Document Your PCBA Process for Better Results

We’ll walk you through the types of documentation your project requires, and how better documentation can speed up your PCBA project development.

Five biggest design mistakes for pcbas featured

The Five Biggest Design Mistakes for PCBAs

When it comes to PCBA manufacturing, take the time to consider all the challenges and risks you face.

Cooling techniques rugged pcba designs featured

Cooling Techniques for Rugged PCBA Designs

This short blog post covers design strategies for coping with and dissipating excess heat.

Pvt pcba product development featured

FAB Insights: PVT in PCBA Product Development

The production validation test (PVT) stage is a key milestone to proving your new PCBA project design can successfully run at full production volumes.

Cloud manufacturing streamlines pcba project manager role featured

Optimize Your PCBA Project Manager Role with Cloud Manufacturing

A good PCBA project manager can make or break a project. Without the right tools at their disposal, even the best project manager can become overwhelmed.

Mcad ecad collaboration smart electronics design

MCAD and ECAD Collaboration for Smart Electronics Design

Electrical and mechanical automated design occur simultaneously reducing possible validation gaps when two separate design efforts happen independently.

Last 5 checks before uploading electronics prototype designs feature

The Last 5 Checks Before Uploading Electronics Prototype Designs

Your PCBA prototyping success hinges on adhering to a comprehensive final checklist designed to close out open items from the design.

Successful pcba documentation tips

Successful PCBA Documentation Tips

An electronics engineer job is to make sure documentation is clean, up to date, and complete, which keeps production online and mitigates challenges.

Prevent waste pcba prototyping

Five Ways to Prevent Waste on PCBA Prototyping

PCBA prototyping establishes design feasibility and future manufacturability. Read our tips to prevent waste and improve success rates.

Og pcb assembly closeup

Rapid PCB Prototyping with Cloud Manufacturing

Rapid PCB prototyping approaches using cloud manufacturing can help time to market

Introduction to EMC Compliance FI 1 1

Introduction to EMC Compliance in PCB Design

People new to the FCC and CE compliance process may find it daunting and cumbersome. This article is an excellent introduction to EMC compliance.

Hackaday superconference prototype badge

Red Hot PCB: QWERTY Keyboard Badge for Hackaday

This is the newest revision of the Basic Badge. It has a full QWERTY keyboard, beautiful color screen, and a speaker with 3-voice audio.

IMG 0251 e1534176443447

Red Hot PCB: High Performance Audio DAC

MacroFab Red Hot PCB features the ApplePi DAC, an ultra-high performance audio I2S DAC hat for the Raspberry P that eliminates the need for pre-amplifiers.

Red hot pcb single key mechanical keyboard

Red Hot PCB: Single Key Mechanical Keyboard

MacroFab Red Hot PCB features a the Big Switch, a fully-functional programmable macro key that runs QMK, has a mini USB port, and acts as a desk lamp.

Broken Tented Via LPI

Via Tenting for PCB Design

Lead EE Parker discusses part selection when it comes to via tenting and non tented via tenting, which is a type of solder mask on surface mounted PCBs.


Red Hot PCB: Prime_O Keyboards

This weeks' Red Hot PCB doesn't operate like your normal staggered keyboard but is an ortholinear keyboard custom designed by PrimeKB.

Google ireland web

Red Hot PCB: Illuminating Bike Light Control

This week's Red Hot PCB is a remote that controls the LEDs on a bicycle's tail light system and also the bike helmet!

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