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Parker and Stephen explore topics in engineering each week.

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Batman king edc

Batman, The King of EDC (Every Day Carry)

Delve into the fascinating world of Batman's utility belt. Tracing the evolution from its humble origins to its current complex design.

CB FI 423

Magical Semiconductors of Pixies

We’re joined by Alexander Vartanov, an electrical engineering student with a knack for hands-on projects.

CB FI 413

The Gray Zone with Kent Johnson

Parker & Stephen dive into ethics with expert Kent Johnson Gray areas, moral dilemmas, & beyond in engineering Don't miss this!

Kathy joseph the lightning tamers

Kathy Joseph and The Lightning Tamers

A physicist and electrical engineering historian, tells human stories behind electricity's evolution. Learn from experiments and eccentric scientists.

Derivative learning mathematical consequences

Derivative Learning or Mathematical Consequences

The missing submarine near Titanic sparks discussion on using a gamepad, deep sea exploration regulations, and the need for backups in critical systems.

MEP 301 FI

Crispy Currents

The engineering mind. Stephen and Parker discuss if the process engineers use to solve problems is inherent to engineers or is there something more?

Snicker bar integrated components

Snicker Bar Integrated Components

Texas Instrument SOIC package oddities? Has Stephen unearthed some counterfeit components or is it just a new manufacturing process from TI?

Let the robots do it

Let The Robots Do It

Is grinding out math problems just busy work? Is the current state of Math class curriculum hampering the real life deployment of engineering skills?

Real engineering for a real engineer

Real Engineering for a Real Engineer

A decade after graduating college, Stephen finally did a differential equation for his job! That is some real engineering I tell you what.

Avoiding the hr pit of doom resume and interview tricks for engineers

Resume and Interview Tricks for Engineers

Need to brush up that resume or are you a fresh engineer graduate looking for your first job? This podcast episode is full of stuff you wanna hear!

Is im an engineer a valid defense

Is “I’m an Engineer” a Valid Defense?

Parker takes a look at some potential high temperature smart LEDs and Stephen rebuilds an amplifier.

Tell people hurt

Tell Me How People Hurt You

Parker and Stephen hang out and chat with Elecia White and Christopher White of the Embedded.FM podcast!

Current source derek brodeur

The Current Source with Derek Brodeur

Guest Derek Brodeur discusses YouTube, Doppler Shift, Growing Microchips, and Doritos Dust.

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