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Circuit Break

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Parker and Stephen explore topics in engineering each week.

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Cicuit break featured

We Are Circuit Break

Parker and Stephen celebrate episode 400 of the MacroFab Engineering Podcast and announce its relaunch as Circuit Break.

Dont worry about it

Don’t Worry About It

Right to Repair is going global and Stephen might have solved his injection molded component's void by tweaking the mold design.

Like old cheese

Like Old Cheese

What separates good documentation from bad and which kind of application notes do you like? Also, Ancient Chinese Semiconductor 7-segment drivers!

Just another meatloaf title

Just Another Meatloaf Title

Why are all Python PDF creator modules just terrible to work with? Does anyone have one they like? Help me. Oh and Stephen's CNC machine is moving!

My cnc will melt in your mouth

My CNC Will Melt In Your Mouth

Learning Autodesk Fusion, Braze it 420, and Stephen's CNC machine rise from its disassembled grave on this weeks episode of the podcast.

The wheels are finally off

The Wheels Are Finally Off

How easy is it to make a retro gaming console? Stephen breaks down his design and build criteria that involves no custom PCBs.

Digital razorblades

Digital Razorblades

It has been a couple weeks since a Parker and Stephen episode but they didn't get any electronic projects done! Somehow 1 hour of audio still exists.

Sealed tigersharks

Sealed Tigersharks

Stephen's finally upgrades his toolkit to include a Digital Logic Analyzer and Parker repairs a Tigershark. Don't worry it's not a real shark.

Design contest useless machines wrap up

Design Contest – Useless Machines Wrap Up

The Useless Machine contest has just closed. Thank you Mouser for sponsoring our contest and our judges! The Podcast Favorite gets chosen!

So you want to eat electrons

So You Want To Eat Electrons?

Stephen's non analog projects starts! He is designing a Fermentation Controller for brewing. There is also a proposed Community project!

From a current perspective

From A Current Perspective

Parker talks about revitalizing old projects, Stephen discusses all pass filters, and side entry into SMT pads.

Dueling opamp inputs

Dueling OpAmp Inputs

Stephen makes a peristaltic pump and Parker hacks his Jeeps turn signals for LEDs!

Incognito mode

Incognito Mode

Zapp and HyR0n of AND!XOR talk about #BadgeLife and Defcon.

Anti fitbits

Anti Fitbits

On this Episode, Parker and Stephen talk about silkscreen markings on diodes and tracking beer drinking.

Drive by dna destruction

Drive By DNA Destruction

On this episode, Parker and Stephen talk about nuclear batteries and FCC/CE pre-compliance experiences.

Jeep radio hacking side synth

Jeep Radio Hacking with a Side of Synth

On this episode, Parker and Stephen talk about Parker's Jeep radio and Stephen has an update to the Brewing Rig.

Erroneous enclosures enormous energy

Erroneous Enclosures of Enormous Energy

Parker and Stephen talk about an Audio Amp for Spooky Pinball based off the LM1875.

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