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Parker and Stephen explore topics in engineering each week.

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Little shop of transformer horror

Little Shop of Transformer Horror

Josh Rozier starts his design of a power transformer, the DOOM SAO gets more code, and the MacroAmp is 90% done!

Leeroy jenkins transistor

Leeroy Jenkins Transistor

Parker gets test results from his APA-102C experiments and Stephen wraps up REV2 of the MacroAmp!

Sidecreeping gyrations

Sidecreeping Gyrations

Parker explains the DOOM SAO and Stephen implements a Gyrator for the MacroAmp!

Triode mode tariffs

Triode Mode Tariffs

Parker and Stephen talk about the Chinese Tariff increase and 3D printing out of phase music recording.

Start getting crusty

Start Getting Crusty

I/O expanders verse cheap shift registers, leaking electronics, and better datasheets.

Is im an engineer a valid defense

Is “I’m an Engineer” a Valid Defense?

Parker takes a look at some potential high temperature smart LEDs and Stephen rebuilds an amplifier.

Golden integrated circuit

The Golden Integrated Circuit

Parker finds his lithium charger IC and Stephen works on the 2nd longest running project on the MEP!

Super simple buss bars of power

Super Simple Buss Bars of Power

Parker and Stephen talk about the SSPS Energon Cube and Eagle Part Libraries.

Lousy datasheet buyouts

Lousy Datasheet Buyouts

Stephen and Parker rant (again) on bad datasheets, ARM being bought out by SoftBank, and general project updates.

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