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Circuit Break

a MacroFab Podcast

Parker and Stephen explore topics in engineering each week.

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Recyclable pcbs eol design cold cuts

Recyclable PCBs, EOL Design, Cold Cuts

Infineon’s use of recyclable PCBs to create a soluboard. An examination of the new Arduino Uno, Minima and Wifi, plus a CNC and saw blade update.

Biased for arduino

Biased For Arduino

On this episode, Stephen talks about his new bias test system hardware and software. The bias test system is a purpose built test hardware system!

Tales electrical engineer ideas mechanical design

Tales From an Electrical Engineer - Ideas on Mechanical Design

Parker modifies car parts and assembles the Thermal Detonator and Stephen starts working with STM32 microcontrollers.

Jiggling jumper cables

Jiggling Jumper Cables

Stephen is back! He calls in from Colorado to talk about his new occupation and how to read temperature thermistors.

Standard ish


Stephen hacks an oscilloscope into a dynamic signal analyzer and Parker gets some verilog code to compile.

Put power blue

Put All Your Power On Blue

Stephen learns how to draw designs in Fusion 360 and Parker gets his PCM5122 DAC to talk to an Arduino.

Expect bored mr bond

I Expect You To be Bored Mr. Bond

Arduino power usage, IoT Toilet paper, and the aftermath of the Science Museum project.

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