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Parker and Stephen explore topics in engineering each week.

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Dfs design for snackey

DFS: Design for Snackey

This special episode is recorded at DEF CON, the annual hacker community gathering in Las Vegas.

Recursive vending machines

Recursive Vending Machines

Join us as we chat with Hyr0n and Zapp from AND!XOR Group about their iconic badges for DEF CON 31.

We have clearance clarence

We Have Clearance, Clarence

On this episode, there are some AND!XOR hints for DC29 and we discuss the difference between PCB DRC specifications for clearance and creepage.

Better encryption than zoom firmware stacks with and xor

Better Encryption than Zoom, Firmware Stacks with AND!XOR

Hyr0n and Zapp are back! This time to discuss Firmware Stacks, Real Time Operating Systems, and more #Badgelife shenanigans.

Forth annual macrofab star wars christmas special c3po steals the show

Fourth Annual MacroFab Star Wars Christmas Special

Josh Rozier and Hyr0n join Parker and Stephen to talk about the latest Star Wars lore, technology, and media! Star Wars HeathKits and The Mandalorian.

Sidecreeping gyrations

Sidecreeping Gyrations

Parker explains the DOOM SAO and Stephen implements a Gyrator for the MacroAmp!

Espress ify designing products around the esp 32 platform

Espress-ify? Designing Products Around the ESP-32 Platform.

Zapp and Hyr0n of AND!XOR join Cr4bf04m and Bl1tz to talk about Badge Engineering and the Espressif ESP-32.

Arduino gateway drug badgelife

Arduino, The Gateway Drug To #BadgeLife

AND!XOR comes to Texas to talk about #Badgelife, the craziness of DEFCON, and their new badge design.

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