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Parker and Stephen explore topics in engineering each week.

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Guard chips new math double e

Guard the CHIPS, New Math for Double E’s

Community feedback that led Parker to order a Bambu X1 Carbon 3D Printer, arriving any day now, S to the L to the A, “guardrails” that the U.S.

3d printer pickle

GPUs D.O.A, Reverse Polarity Problems, A 3D Printer Pickle

Dead on Arrival for high end GPUs. Why do so many consumer electronics not have reverse polarity protection?

Mep 389 featured

The aCADemy of Education - Joshua Manley of

This week, Josh Manley, Co-Owner & CEO of, shares their expertise in software and design education.

Crawfish conundrum

Crawfish Conundrum

We discuss the different seasoning, boil and soak times, and building an inexpensive boil pot from materials and supplies Stephen already has.

Og mep 314

Plastic Deg-Ra-Dation with Scott Hansen of Retro-Brite

Our guest this week is Scott Hansen, Founder of Retro-Brite which restores yellowed plastics by reversing the chromophores degradation.

Og mep 313

Another Tool for Your Toolbox

Is it time for Stephen to finally get a 3D printer and join the maker revolution? Parker and Stephen discuss how engineers use 3D printers this week.

Failing to electrocute the chicken

Failing to Electrocute the Chicken

The history banana connectors with Stephen! Then Parker brings up Elon Musk's Neuralink Implant for happy pigs and why projects take forever.

Like old cheese

Like Old Cheese

What separates good documentation from bad and which kind of application notes do you like? Also, Ancient Chinese Semiconductor 7-segment drivers!

Designing in color greg paulsen on 3d printing

Designing in Color – Greg Paulsen on 3D Printing

Greg Paulsen of Xometry rejoins the podcast to discuss the specifications, designing for scale, and design considerations for 3D Printing technologies.

Simulation match reality

Does the Simulation Match the Reality?

Guests Ben Heckendorn and Chris Kraft discuss Spooky Pinball and the beginnings of 3D printers.

Gotta look pro

Gotta Look Pro

It is National Engineers Week and Stephen spills the beans on his Audio Amplifier Past.

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