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Parker and Stephen explore topics in engineering each week.

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CB FI 432

Remote Ownership

Tariffs hike hits electronics! Hear Parker analyze cost impact & debate chip kill switch ethics with Stephen. Plus, Parker's Python invoice hack!

CB FI 431

Timing Tariff Modulations

We delve into the fascinating world of time modulation, discussing recent advancements in capacitor technology.

Keeping the spirit costs extra

Keeping The Spirit Costs Extra

Revitalizing older products for next gen manufacturing can be tough. Does updating the design alter the spirit of the original? Oh and Tariffs.

Removing the waterworld from product development

Removing the Waterworld from Product Development

Mike Geyer of Fictiv joins Parker and Stephen to discuss the State of Hardware Report, Tariff Engineering, the Production Gap, and Lean Manufacturing.

Free form jazz welding

Free Form Jazz Welding

Parker talks LED patterns on the MEP SAO, Stephen uses a CNC machine, and RadioShack returns?

Tariff impacts chris church

Tariff Impacts with Chris Church

Chris Church talks about the potential impact on the Electronic Manufacturing industry by the latest Tariffs.

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