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Parker and Stephen explore topics in engineering each week.

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CB FI 430

The Toilet Mountain of Social Media

The hefty topic of U.S. funding for 'digital twin' chips research under the CHIPS Act, comparing its budget to other big expenditures.

CB FI 422

Wizard Trust Falls for PCB Footprints

Parker’s transition from Eagle to KiCad, facing challenges with library management and device layer integration. Also, the new MacroFab Quote Wizard.

It is 2023 why does footprint design still suck

It is 2023, Why Does Footprint Design Still Suck?

Why is there such a disconnect between component datasheet drawings and EDA footprint layout tools? Stephen and Parker dive into this on this podcast.

When an alien craps

When an Alien Craps

The things that change the world, according to Chaos theory, are the tiny things. An Alien craps in Space and subsequently this podcast gets made.

Nufuel and gas classic

NuFuel and Gas Classic

Parker and Stephen discover new EDA tool features in both Eagle and Diptrace! The Auto industry is now waking up to a new tech order of the world.

Benjamin jordan of autodesk

Benjamin Jordan of Autodesk

Senior Product Manager for ECAD in Autodesk Fusion 360, Ben Jordan, joins Stephen and Parker to discus the future of ECAD, Eagle, Autodesk, and PCBs.

We are all idiots together on this planet

We Are All Idiots Together On This Planet

What is your EDA Tool workflow? Where do you start with a new design? When is it O.K. to rely on another part footprint? Are JEDEC standards fine?

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