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Circuit Break

a MacroFab Podcast

Parker and Stephen explore topics in engineering each week.

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Captured pads

Captured Pads

Parker & Stephen dive into Circuit Break Discourse, LT3073 regulator, Weldestroyer updates, Box Truk progress, and more!

Dont let ai brew your beer

Don’t Let AI Brew Your Beer

Parker and Stephen discuss Chat GPT-3, a language processing AI system, and what it can mean for engineers and society.

Skippy documentation

Skippy Documentation

Are Stephen's LM338 regulators fake? Parker uses X-Ray vision to find out the answer! This and an Adventure in Plastic Injection Molding this week.

Log stepping revision control

Log Stepping Revision Control

How do you record and implement bodges and changes to your PCB layout? All at once or as you find them in your design? Parker and Stephen discuss.

Just another meatloaf title

Just Another Meatloaf Title

Why are all Python PDF creator modules just terrible to work with? Does anyone have one they like? Help me. Oh and Stephen's CNC machine is moving!

Big mattress is coming for you

Big Mattress is Coming For You

Come celebrate the third anniversary of the MEP as Parker and Stephen discuss a potential video game.

Gotta look pro

Gotta Look Pro

It is National Engineers Week and Stephen spills the beans on his Audio Amplifier Past.

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