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Red Hot PCB: Passive ICs

By The MacroFab Team  |  June 5, 2017

This board comes from SAT Experts and is designed for one of their clients, working in academia. This board is for an experiment on rat behavior analysis, which will track and study their movement around a maze, via light sensors. Most of the components used are passive ICs (Schmitt trigger inverters, BJT transistors, passives, etc.) that capture the sensor signals when they get interrupted and translates them for ingest by a computer. Each phototransistor is also connected to a status LED which turns on/off each time a subject interrupts the beam.

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The trickiest part was finding a way to cram 4 15-pin D-Sub connectors on one side of the board that would still fit in the same form factor the client’s system; that’s where the stacked dual D-Sub socket came in!

Thanks to Roberto with SAT Experts for his contributions on this post.

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