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Parker and Stephen explore topics in engineering each week.

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Podcast remove barriers

Removing The Barriers

Electronic bench equipment for hardware development. Stephen and Parker dive into a high level of what kind of equipment is needed to outfit a bench.

Scott hinson of pecan street inc

Scott Hinson of Pecan Street Inc.

Scott Hinson of Pecan Street Inc. joins Parker and Stephen to discuss the most important of topics. Is its Pa-kawn or Pee-can?

Flex pcb primers

Flex PCB Primers

Stephen gives the MEP an introduction on Flex and Rigid-Flex PCB assemblies while Parker looks at an automotive Analog Devices application note.

Viciously different creams

Viciously Different Creams

Does anyone actually use the metric sizing for chip components? The ole' 0603 metric and 0201 imperial chip component switcheroo on this episode.

Weapons of mathewson destruction

Weapons of Mathewson Destruction

William Mathewson of WMD joins Parker and Stephen to discuss what is was like starting a hardware manufacturing business and is hardware hard?

Not even my final form jeff garoon on industrial product design

Not Even My Final Form: Jeff Garoon on Industrial Design

Jeff Garoon joins Parker and Stephen to discuss the design, testing, and regulations of creating low volume Industrial IoT devices.

Charlyn gonda

Charlyn Gonda on the Lowering of the Hardware-Software Fence

Charlyn Gonda joins the MEP to discuss the shrinking divide between the software and hardware worlds.

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