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Parker and Stephen explore topics in engineering each week.

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Riley hall can fictiv make beef flags

Riley Hall - Can Fictiv Make Beef Flags?

This week, Riley Hall of Fictiv joins the podcast to discuss how Fictiv connects engineers and designers to job and machining shops.

Og mep 314

Plastic Deg-Ra-Dation with Scott Hansen of Retro-Brite

Our guest this week is Scott Hansen, Founder of Retro-Brite which restores yellowed plastics by reversing the chromophores degradation.

Og mep 313

Another Tool for Your Toolbox

Is it time for Stephen to finally get a 3D printer and join the maker revolution? Parker and Stephen discuss how engineers use 3D printers this week.

Electrical engineering lizard people

Electron Congo Line

Are the founders of electrical engineering lizard people or is big electricity have a dark secret that they don't want you to know about? Tune in!

MEP 301 FI

Crispy Currents

The engineering mind. Stephen and Parker discuss if the process engineers use to solve problems is inherent to engineers or is there something more?

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