Custom Bare PCBs from MacroFab

Build with confidence and validate your design faster with custom PCBs.

Accelerate Your Hardware Development with MacroFab’s Custom PCBs

Struggling to validate your design early in the development cycle? Custom bare PCB boards offer a cost-effective solution for ironing out functionality issues before creating populated PCBA prototypes. This allows for faster iteration, independent design verification, and greater flexibility in component selection as you work through ideas. Get your ideas off the ground with MacroFab's bare PCB service.

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Why Choose MacroFab for Custom PCBs?

  • Superior Quality: Experience the difference exceptional manufacturing makes. Our bare PCBs are built with premium materials and industry-leading processes, ensuring dependable performance.
  • Expert Support: Our dedicated engineering team meticulously reviews your designs to identify any potential issues before production, guaranteeing flawless bare PCBs every time.
  • Hassle-Free Ordering: Save valuable time and resources with our user-friendly platform. Uploading your design files and placing your order for custom PCBs is quick and straightforward.
  • Scalable Solutions: As your project progresses, we seamlessly integrate our bare PCB service with our full PCB assembly offerings. Transition from prototype to production effortlessly.
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What We Offer

  • Multiple PCB Options: Rigid, rigid-flex, and flex PCBs are available to suit your specific design requirements.
  • Material Choice: Select from a range of high-performance materials to perfectly match your application's needs.
  • Advanced Capabilities: Our custom PCB service encompasses a comprehensive selection of features to bring your vision to reality.

Explore MacroFab's Capabilities

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How it Works

  • Upload Your Design Files: Submit your PCB design files directly through our user-friendly platform.
  • Specify Requirements: Clearly outline your needs for bare PCBs or choose to include component assembly.
  • Expert Design Review: Our engineering team analyzes your design for accuracy and manufacturability.
  • Seamless Delivery: Receive your high-quality custom PCBs directly at your doorstep, ready for the next stage of your project.
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From Beginning to End, Count on MacroFab

Leverage MacroFab's integrated platform to reduce overhead, accelerate time to market, and optimize your supply chain. With MacroFab, you can deliver fully assembled, market-ready products faster and exceed your customers' expectations.

Design and Prototype

With MacroFab's custom PCB options and fast prototyping services, it's easy to get started.

Production Optimization

Regardless of how many (or how few) boards you need, North American production-level manufacturing is available when you need it

Post-Production Finishing

Deliver market-ready products with MacroFab’s all-inclusive post-production services

Warehousing & Shipping

MacroFab's warehousing services minimize your inventory costs and optimize space utilization

Ready to Get Started?
Take the first step towards innovation. Upload your design files today and get an instant quote for your custom bare PCBs. Let MacroFab be your trusted partner in transforming your ideas into reality.

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Resources to Get You Started

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