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MacroFab, Inc.

MacroFab Partner Network

Our Factory Partners are Based In North America

We eliminate international shipping delays and gets your final product to your customers faster.

Flexible fulfillment

Flexible Fulfillment

Making Ordering Easy

Because we work with 70+, fully vetted manufacturing facilities across the US, Canada, and Mexico, our partners can produce a wide range of electronic goods at any volume through the MacroFab platform. Order ultra-low and full-scale production orders simultaneously by tapping into our elastic factory network and we'll match our customer's build requirements to the correctly tooled factory. Keeping production in North America means eliminating international shipping delays and gets your final product to your customers faster.

More On Our Factory Network

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Partner Benefits

More Customers. Less Friction.

MacroFab has thousands of customers constantly prototyping and launching new products at mid-high volumes. When these customers move to production, we match their project’s requirements with factory capabilities. You gain low friction manufacturing jobs, allowing you to fully use your factory capacity and eliminate idle time. As a MacroFab partner, you get:

  • Ready-to-run kits
  • The jobs you want, when you want
  • Prompt payment

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Partner Requirements

Becoming a MacroFab Partner

  • Based In North American
  • Ability to Accommodate Mid to High Level Production
  • Pass Additional Vetting Requirements

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