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Parker and Stephen explore topics in engineering each week.

CB FI 439

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The Nuts and Bolts of Quantum Computing

Rick Altherr, a full stack engineer, shares insights into the working of quantum processors, particularly the trapped ion approach used by IonQ.

July 12, 2024

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CB FI 414

Net Running the Nut Runners with Joe Grand

Bosch wrench hack sparks talk on insecure IoT devices. We discuss safety risks and broader implications.

CB FI 413

The Gray Zone with Kent Johnson

Parker & Stephen dive into ethics with expert Kent Johnson Gray areas, moral dilemmas, & beyond in engineering Don't miss this!

Great classes odd teachers chickens snakes

Great Classes, Odd Teachers, Chickens, Snakes

K-map talk sparked debate on college teaching! Parker & Stephen shared prof stories: some inspiring, others baffling.

CB FI 411

Entropy Rules Everything

Circuit Break welcomes back James! His expert insights on component aging - 5 years? 20 years? Calculations?! - sparked a convo we couldn't miss. Tune in!

CB FI 410

Eighth Annual MacroFab Star Wars Christmas Special

Not unlike Han Solo emerging from cryosleep, the annual MacroFab Star Wars Christmas Special is back!

CB FI 409

You Down with SDV

We discuss car manufacturers increasing their focus on Software-Defined Vehicles (SDVs) instead of physical components used to control vehicle functions.

CB FI 408

Pete Staples from Blue Clover

We welcome Pete Staples, the CEO and Co-Founder of Blue Clover Devices! Founded in 2003, they explore ways to make the electronics industry more efficient.

CB FI 407

Holy Static Hazard Batman!

Parker and Stephen discuss a recent article exploring how electrostatic discharge damage isn’t the only kind of static hazard digital designs can face.

MEP FI 406

Dr. Duncan Haldane from JITX on Automating Circuit Design

Dr. Haldane on his background, the problems JITX is trying to resolve, & new auto-router plans. What's the deal with the "hyper-aggressive pogo-stick"?

MEP FI 405

Does ChatGPT Want a Cold Beer?

Shrinking chip tech spurring 2.5D packaging & enabling 3D. ChatGPT's in answering questions & relating to humans, despite lacking personal experiences.

Barcode turns 50

The Barcode Turns 50

Paul V. McEnroe is best known for his primary role in developing the UPC, the barcode used on every product in supermarkets and the retail industry.

Captured pads

Captured Pads

Parker & Stephen dive into Circuit Break Discourse, LT3073 regulator, Weldestroyer updates, Box Truk progress, and more!

Consciously collecting concepts

Consciously Collecting Concepts

Parker will participate in Extra Life Day: Revenge of the Holiday Special raising funds for kids at a local Texas Children's Hospital on November 4, 2023.

Recording studio problem solving

Recording Studio Problem Solving

Parker and Stephen have a great talk with Greg Norman, a recording engineer, producer, and technician at Steve Albini’s studio, Electrical Audio.

Cicuit break featured

We Are Circuit Break

Parker and Stephen celebrate episode 400 of the MacroFab Engineering Podcast and announce its relaunch as Circuit Break.

Joshua manley 3d realm

Zero to One: Joshua Manley on the Language of the 3D Realm

Parker and Stephen welcome Josh Manley back to the show to discuss how humans and CAD can interact!

Duke nukem raspberry pi 5 weldestroyer

Duke Nukem v. Parker, Raspberry Pi 5, Weldestroyer!

Parker’s charity work, in which he plays video games like Duke Nukem. Plus, deep dive into the Raspberry Pi 5 and Stephen updates about Weldestroyer 3000.

Guard chips new math double e

Guard the CHIPS, New Math for Double E’s

Community feedback that led Parker to order a Bambu X1 Carbon 3D Printer, arriving any day now, S to the L to the A, “guardrails” that the U.S.

Phantom over ethernet

PoE - Phantom over Ethernet

Parker and Stephen discuss the Cloudlifter mechanism in use to help enhance the sound of this podcast, what phantom power is and what it actually does.

Apple up down with slack

The EU Charges Apple Up, Down with Slack, Don’t Go Changin’

Discussion on USB-C, EU chargers, tech, Slack GUI, government regulation, tech innovation and reverse polarity.

3d printer pickle

GPUs D.O.A, Reverse Polarity Problems, A 3D Printer Pickle

Dead on Arrival for high end GPUs. Why do so many consumer electronics not have reverse polarity protection?

Recyclable pcbs eol design cold cuts

Recyclable PCBs, EOL Design, Cold Cuts

Infineon’s use of recyclable PCBs to create a soluboard. An examination of the new Arduino Uno, Minima and Wifi, plus a CNC and saw blade update.

Interviewing matthew prater

Interviewing Matthew Prater

Matt has taught Robotics at University of Advancing Technology since 2019 and worked in Pharmaceutical Industry 15 years at Cardinal Health.

Dfs design for snackey

DFS: Design for Snackey

This special episode is recorded at DEF CON, the annual hacker community gathering in Las Vegas.

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