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Parker and Stephen explore topics in engineering each week.

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The Nuts and Bolts of Quantum Computing

Rick Altherr, a full stack engineer, shares insights into the working of quantum processors, particularly the trapped ion approach used by IonQ.

July 12, 2024

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Dissolving energon cubes

Dissolving Energon Cubes

Stephen and Parker chat about updates to the SSPS and FX Dev board.

Bug can fix

If There is a Bug, You Can Fix It

Stephen and Parker have Kwabena of OpenMV as a guest on this week's podcast.

Super simple buss bars of power

Super Simple Buss Bars of Power

Parker and Stephen talk about the SSPS Energon Cube and Eagle Part Libraries.

Lousy datasheet buyouts

Lousy Datasheet Buyouts

Stephen and Parker rant (again) on bad datasheets, ARM being bought out by SoftBank, and general project updates.

Pokey datasheets incognito arduinos

Pokey Datasheets and Incognito Arduinos

This week Stephen and Parker rant about terrible datasheets and incognito Arduinos.

Interview ben heck the ben heck show

Interview with Ben Heck of The Ben Heck Show

This week Stephen and Parker have Benjamin Heckendorn of The Ben Heck Show as a guest!

Quirky quadcopters scott shawcroft

Quirky Quadcopters with Scott Shawcroft

This week Stephen and Parker have Scott Shawcroft of Chickadee-Tech as a guest. This episode is Quadcopter crazy.

Let rf hit noise floor

Let The RF Hit The Noise Floor

This week Stephen and Parker have Dustin Holliday as a guest to chat about the FCC and KiCad Python.

I will never know you viper

I Will Never Know You Viper

Stephen and Parker have guests Matt Keas and Brian Dorton from the Iron Yard and discuss the IoT of EVERYTHING.

Panning caps

Panning for Caps

Stephen and Parker discuss Gameboys using Raspberry Pi Zero, the FAA's new anti-drone system, and project updates.

Classy capacitors and lab war stories

Classy Capacitors and Lab War Stories

This week Stephen and Parker discuss capacitors, the Space Echo RE-201, and horror stories of college electronic labs.

System package platforms greg sheridan

System-in-Package (SiP) Platforms with Greg Sheridan

This week Stephen and Parker discuss System-in-Package (SiP style chips) with Greg Sheridan of Octavo Systems.

Fixtures echoing tubes

Fixtures of Echoing Tubes

Parker & Stephen discuss the NuTube from Korg USA and updates on the Jig of Destiny.

Ridiculously blinking led

Ridiculously Blinking LED

Stephen is now almost done with the FX Development Board's final layout and enclosure design.

Discrepant diodes

Discrepant Diodes

Stephen makes progress on the FX Dev Board and Parker keeps working on the Stupid Simple Power Supply.

Picture books engineers

Picture Books for Engineers

Parker has been testing the ESP-12E WiFi module which uses the ESP8266 IC.

Silicon condensors

Silicon Condensers

Stephen builds a custom old school tube microphone for Josh Moore and Parker gets a CU40045-UW1J display working.

False fuses kitschy kickstarters

False Fuses and Kitschy Kickstarters

Parker talks about the PinHeck Test Fixture and all the pogo pins it uses and Stephen tests his Diode Compression Opamp.

Iots cloudy future

IoT’s Cloudy Future

The MEP's first guest! Trey German joins Stephen and Parker to talk about Trey's latest project.

Robots with feelings

Robots with Feelings

Stephen does a full on simulation of analog section of the SSPS in MultiSim and Parker is working on a ESP8266 devboard.

Bits that dont quit

Bits That Don’t Quit

Stephen and Parker discuss how the digital and analog side of the SSPS will work and interface with each other.

The art of retention force

The Art of Retention Force

MacroFab now supports the ODB++ format and Why to Like USB 3.1

Mythical transistors

Mythical Transistors

Parker is working on the front panel for the SSPS, Rigol DP832 woes, and Stephen does a guest lecture for the Iron Yard.

Tilting tubes

Tilting Tubes

Stephen builds a 16bit A/D D/A board with a MAX5217BGUA+ and MAX11100EUB+.

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