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Proudly Made in North America

Count on North America's leading electronics factory network for the highest-quality PCB assemblies

Choose North American manufacturing for faster delivery times, higher quality products, and a reliable supply chain. MacroFab’s factory network offers reduced shipping distances, greater oversight, and minimized disruptions caused by international events.

Unexpected Benefits of "North American Made"

Discover the unexpected benefits of choosing "North American Made" for your manufacturing needs. Unlock unlimited manufacturing capacity with access to 80+ thoroughly vetted factory lines, allowing you to easily scale production based on market demand without worrying about minimum volume commitments, capacity constraints, or slow turnaround times.

  • Lower supply chain risk gold

    Lower Supply Chain Risk

    Benefit from lower supply chain risk by minimizing exposure to IP theft, socioeconomic and geopolitical disruptors, and climate change effects.

  • Redcuced mfg costs gold

    Reduced Manufacturing Costs

    Reduce your overall manufacturing costs by cutting down on cost factors typically associated with APAC manufacturers.

  • Unlimited mfg capacity gold

    Unlimited Manufacturing Capacity

    Unlock unlimited manufacturing capacity with access to 100+ thoroughly vetted factory lines across the USA, Mexico, and Canada, available to scale production on your terms.

  • Better ip protection gold

    Better IP Protection

    Protect your intellectual property and reduce the risk of reputational damage, loss of sales, and loss of competitive advantage by taking advantage of some of the world's most robust IP laws.

North america mfg robot arm North america mfg robot arm

Take a Break from Asian Manufacturing

There was a time when China had lower labor costs than other countries. Nonetheless, Mexico now offers a 20 percent cost advantage for manufacturing, as well as a young, growing workforce, better IP protection, and more efficient logistics for reaching American consumers. The combination of low Mexico-based labor costs and high USA automation is seldom seen anywhere else in the world.
  • Work closely with reputable contract manufacturers across North America, including Mexico, Canada, and the USA
  • Utilize a US-only strategy and proudly display the "Made in America" seal your end-users look for
  • Prototype with specialized facilities and move seamlessly into production
  • Streamline logistics with efficient shipping routes to and from facilities
  • Bypass language barriers and cultural differences that can hinder communication and collaboration
  • Be confident your critical intellectual property is protected by robust IP laws at every production stage

Building Electronics for Your Business Needs

Choose MacroFab's North American network for your business needs, where innovation meets impeccable quality. Our industry-leading services, coupled with unparalleled customer support, exceed expectations, driving your business towards unparalleled success.

Customized production options white

Customized Production Options

We handle every complex and time-consuming task so you can concentrate on what you do best: growing your business.

Guaranteed quality

Guaranteed Quality

MacroFab provides high-quality PCB assembly services that meet the highest industry standards, guaranteed to meet your exacting specifications.

Worry free pricing

Worry-Free Pricing.

MacroFab’s technology platform offers complete price transparency for every stage of your production.

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Increased Agility

Take advantage of globally competitive prices with MacroFab's unlimited factory capacity–without capital expenditure.